A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

All was quiet in the room except for his own heart beating in his ears and Claire’s breathing. Jai listened carefully, taking full credit for each uneven breath he managed to pull from her. It was music to his ears. That inhale - he took it as a small victory. From his experiences, it could have meant many things, but since there was not a hard slap following it, then it was a positive hitch of breath.

“Ah yeah, you’re right. I’m sorry. It’s just.. being around you made me forget everythingelse. But yes, I’ll take any and all dances you’ll allow me.” Leaning into her touch, he gave her thumb a few feather light kisses as his hands dropped to her waist where they seemed to belong. Yes, he could already tell they were going to look amazing on the dance floor together. Hopefully after all this, he could remember how to dance though.

At her wish for a super power, for once Jai didn’t have a snappy comeback. A woman that could leave him speechless was rare. So instead, he nodded in agreement as he allowed her fingers to do whatever they wanted to his face. Putty in a lady’s hands so soon was a positive sign. “Anticipation makes the heart - and other areas - grow fonder, or something like that, right?” That probably wasn’t the saying at all, but it was all he could come up with right now.

After giving her eyes and lips one last wishful glance, he wrapped an arm around her and began walking beside her to the main ballroom. “But yes, we should go. I’ll keep a watch out while ensuring the food isn’t poisoned.” Translation: There wouldn’t be any shrimp left once Jai was finished. “And I will especially be keeping my eyes on you. Hm, we should have some sort of signal in case you need my help in getting you out of a boring conversation or another guy hitting on you. So, if you need me, how about you bat your beautiful big eyes at me?”

Once they had arrived, Jai ensured they were in an area where everyone could see before leaning down to give her a warm, sincere kiss on her soft lips that also said she was already taken. “Mmm, mine,” he purred out quietly near her ear. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was undercover, he might have even accidentally flashed his gun from under his jacket. Not that he was being possessive, he just knew how men could be and wouldn’t have wanted any trouble tonight. Everything was going way too perfect. “If you see or hear anything suspicious, I’ll be nearby - right over there at the appetizers, beautiful.”

The End

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