A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Raising a brow briefly at Jai, Claire could’ve sworn he blushed at her innuendo. She knew it was rather brazen of her compared to some of the rest of the banter they’d been exchanging, but to have him blush…that was so far from the realm of expected reactions that it actually left Claire speechless. Thankfully, the practically electric tension between them as their eyes met and locked was enough to jar her back to the present, just in time for the agent to take her hand and place the most gentlemanly of kisses upon it.

At least it started that way. 

She was sure her mouth was open as his kisses traveled up her arm; shivers flew up her back. Claire was certain there were words in there somewhere, something about dances, but her mind had zeroed in on the nearness of this exciting man. Suddenly she saw the outline of every curl, the tiniest of folds in his jacket, could smell and hear everything about him. And it was all delicious. Before she could stop herself, Claire inhaled sharply as his lips reached her shoulder; her neck and chest were her Achilles’ heel and he was so very close to both of them, especially with the plunging neckline of her dress. Oh, what she wouldn’t give to not be present at the party…

Clearing her throat, Claire gave a tiny smile. “I cannot promise every dance, handsome,” she said, pouting, “since I do have to keep up appearances. And you have to ‘work.’ But…you will certainly have the last dance. Perhaps a private one after as well…” There was no innuendo there; it seemed the time for subtlety was over, and that was perfectly fine with her. It was always a fun game, but in the realm of being straightforward, Claire was queen. Leaving her hand in his, she brought her other hand to his cheek, thumb tracing the outline of his lips.

“You’ve made me realize just how much I wish I had the ability to speed up time,” she replied frankly, eyes roaming openly over his face now, a certain hunger behind them as her thumb gently tugged his lower lip down before her hand fell back by her side. The responsible businesswoman in her nagged at the back of her mind that they should be in the ballroom by now, that her brother would be expecting her shortly. It was rude to make people wait. On the other hand, he knows you well enough to realize when you’re on the hunt

The End

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