A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

In this instance, Jai didn’t mind being bested by a feline, and smiled up at Claire once he heard the sound of her laughter. Christabelle was an unusual name, but he liked it. Just as he was about to make a joke about cougars, their interactions - hissing and batting of paws - caused Jai’s brows to raise in amusement. But it was her next words and the wink that managed to pull another blush from him which he attempted to hide as he gently set the cat aside and began brushing himself off. "I have no doubt about that.”

Next thing he knew, she was helping with the cat hair situation, hands lightly flowing over the cloth of his outfit, causing the skin underneath to raise in goosebumps. Then his eyes met hers and it was a good thing the ceiling was vaulted; with how he was feeling, Jai wouldn’t be surprised if he set off the sprinklers. At the tug at his neck, he was very tempted to lean in to steal her lips, or possibly more. But no, not yet. In due time. Instead, he returned her smirk, adding in a deep hum of approval from the back of his throat.

Once they were standing again, Jai shrugged playfully as if this was all in a day’s work. “Anytime, beautiful.” At her expression, Jai realized as well - there was a party going on that he was supposed to be helping guard. “As much as I love watching your lovely assets, I do believe there’s a party that we should be attending together.” At that, he took her hand to kiss the top of it. “I would like to reserve all the dances with you tonight, if you don’t mind?”

The lips that had pressed to the top of her hand didn’t want to stop there and, after his declaration of reserving her dances, continued to her wrist and then slowly but eventually making a trail up her arm, finally stopping at her shoulder to allow his lips to linger there a moment. Oh god, she smelled incredible. Again, he could hear his heart beating in his chest and the room felt like an oven. This wasn’t the usual crush; she was a female version of him. Reluctantly pausing, he knew he had to say something. “I’m sorry. I used to think that chemistry was just a useless subject in college; you’ve made me see the light,” he breathed against her skin while his big brown eyes glanced up to hers, prepared to pull away in an instant if she disapproved of his actions…

The End

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