A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

The gentle, whispering touch of his fingers against her waist sent a tiny tremor through her frame; her body knew what touches like that meant and wasn’t nearly as patient as Claire’s mind. “You’re handling methods seem to work just fine,” she intoned, “dangerous creatures or not.” Blue eyes blinked up at him, doing their best to look as playfully innocent as possible. Thankfully, she was a fabulous liar, and the tiny smile that followed was intentional. “And fret not, I’ll find something tempting tasting to tease that tongue,” she trilled, amused at her own alliteration. She mimicked the way his tongue ran along his lips with her own, veneer of innocence gone.

The crash in the hall startled her, and one hand went to her chest, pulling out a bodice knife that she quickly palmed to avoid the agent seeing it. Claire was never without at least a few of her weapons concealed somewhere on her body; she felt defenseless and naked otherwise. Impressed by his unnecessary but chivalric gesture of pushing her behind him, she grinned inwardly and stayed back to give him the satisfaction of ‘protecting’ her person. Then again, he didn’t–and would need to–know about that side of her. Looking into the room as well, Claire shook her head. “I know it’s an elaborate home, but it doesn’t boast any secret passages,” she chuckled, clearly not as alarmed as Jai was by the toppled decor. 

Still, she tensed as Jai knelt in front of the armor to inspect it, an involuntary laugh escaping her as the cat essentially knocked him over. She covered her mouth to prevent any further laughs at Jai’s expense escape and crouched down beside him, eyeing the creature. “Well, she’s not my pussy, but she is William’s. Her name is Christabelle. She was a gift for his 16th birthday. She’s old, cranky, and apparently has taken a liking to you,” Claire chuckled. Reaching out a hand to stroke the cat’s tail, she was rewarded with a nasty his and a clawed paw batting at her fingers. Hissing back, she mimed pawing at the cat before shaking her head. The feline had never much cared for Claire, and the feeling was mutual.  "If that pussy were mine, there’s not a snowball’s chance in Hades you’d forget her.“ Her grin was back and she even winked.  While the agent was busy with the cat, Claire quickly re-sheathed her weapon, feigning the need to adjust the top half of her dress.

Claire reached over to brush the cat fur off Agent Wilcox’s lapels as best she could, hands lingering at his neck where she accidentally mussed his tie with her attentions. She brushed down his tie, too, gently gripping the length of it to readjust it. As they made eye contact, accessory in her hand, a little smirk lifted one corner of her mouth and she tugged the tie firmly into place. He’d remember that later, she was willing to bet. She let her eyes linger on his face before eventually standing.

"My thanks for securing this room from the evil threat of Christabelle,” she said, mock serious, offering Jai an exaggerated curtsy. “She could have very well brought the party to a complete, screeching halt." Ah yes….the party…A tiny sigh escaped her lips at the realization that there was indeed a reason the agent was here, aside from being her new favorite toy. They’d made it about halfway around now and the ballroom wasn’t that far away.


The End

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