A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

If Jai hadn’t know any better, he could have sworn she was blushing. It added to her beauty and he was tempted to run his palm along her cheek, but resisted, at least for now. Truth be told, his cheeks were warm as well. Luckily it wasn’t as noticeable on his dark skin tone. The hand at her waist fought to stay respectful and protective, but she was making it tough for him. Was that on purpose? Probably so. Good game. Good game, Claire.

Hearing her quiet comment, Jai gave the tiniest of smirks, not being able to remember the last time he’d had this much fun on a mission. As an added bonus, it sounded as though the place was locked up tighter than Fort Knox, so at least that part of his job was taken care of this evening. “Agreed. Not everyone has a careful, gentle touch when handling such beautiful yet dangerous creatures.” At that, fingers traced invisible shapes along her waist. Although focusing on her, he couldn’t help at the same time noticing that her dress was made of the highest quality fabric, just as he would have expected.

“As for a taster, please, allow me. My discriminating pallet is at your service throughout the night.” She could make of that what she wanted, because yes, the way his tongue slowly moistened his lips and the immediate smirk afterwards told that he’d meant it in any and every way she could imagine. But seriously, he’d taken a good look over the food choices on his way inside earlier, and it all appeared delicious. Not as delicious as her, of course.

Just as he was about to continue their serious security discussion, the sound of falling metal could be heard crashing down in the room next to them. That just figured. Instinctively, Jai’s hands went into action, one drawing his gun while the other ensured Claire was behind him, shielded from whatever they were about to face. After a moment, there was nothing but silence, causing him to walk up to the doorway and listen carefully. Still nothing.

Another beat passed before his hand went for the door handle. Slowly, he peeked inside, gun still drawn and safety off. Eyes scanned the room, instantly noticing the source of the noise - a fallen suit of armor. The window was secure as far as Jai could tell and no one else was present in the room. Still, he attempted to keep Claire behind him. “Hidden passageways - are there any leading to and from this room?” After opening the closet, still no threat was detected.

Perhaps the armor had fell down on its own? Collapsing to one knee, he inspected the pile of metal. The chestpiece began to wobble on its own, causing Jai to flinch and begin to reach for his weapon again. Before he could though, he was being assaulted by a small furry beast. “Mew?” the cat questioned as it attempted to jump onto Jai’s leg.

Still not expecting any of this, Jai fell backwards onto his rear, allowing the cat to do as it pleased, kneading dough and shedding all over the expensive Armani suit. “Seriously?” was asked with a very unamused tone. Of course, he couldn’t remain serious for long as the Persian cat began demanding cuddling from him. “Is this…” Fingers scratched behind its ears and that’s when the purring began. “yours? I’ve never seen it before; I’d never forget such a fine pussy… cat.”

The End

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