A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

There was something rewarding about seeing his face as she mentioned the incinerators. It almost seemed to be an approving, if surprised look, which only made her opinion of the agent go a little higher. Capable agent, as he was the one they sent over at her request William’s request for someone competent; handsome; and he apparently shared her appreciation for the morbid. All the traits she could have asked for…and apparently more.

She returned his steady gaze, guile gone for a moment out of sheer surprise. Then the impact of his words hit her and she let out a breath she hadn’t known she was holding, sparkle back in her eyes, devilish smirk passing over her face.

“Good eye,” she breathed as his finger grazed her skin, faintest of flushes coloring her cheeks. She hadn’t expected that, and his touch was warm and inviting. This man…he was smooth, she had to admit that. Claire couldn’t remember the last time she’d met someone who could hold their own against her flirtations, let alone surprise her. It practically set her insides aquiver with anticipation. The saying ‘confidence is sexy’ had always rung true with her. 

“Hard evidence is the best kind,” Claire said, composure fully regained now, “as it’s irrefutable. I’m very good with that sort of data, but you’ll get a demonstration of that later. Formulating theories is always better with two, after all.” She managed to get the words out deadpan despite the urge to clear her throat and take a deep breath. His closeness had thrown her off but she couldn’t say she minded; the agent smelled incredible and wore his prowess like a second skin. Oh, she certainly wanted him; it was going to be a long few hours playing hostess…

Even as he brought the conversation back to business, his arm found its way to her waist, making sure his intents were clear if they hadn’t been already. It sent a little thrill through her body, and she continued the tour, making sure her hip went just high enough with each step for his fingers to brush against her assets. If he was going to be bold and take the first step, she wasn’t about to back down and disappoint.

Something is certainly electric…” she muttered to herself, though she knew he could hear. Clearing her throat, she shook her head, dismissing the comment. “We had thought of an electrified system, similar to rear windshields on cars, but it just ended up marring the view. All those little wires.” Fingers waved out the window to their right, which indeed had a magnificent view of the front lawn and fountain in the driveway. “But we do of course have security cameras aplenty throughout the house and grounds, as well as those lovely little vibration sensors, yes. They ended up being the most practical. There are guard dogs, too, though tonight they’ll be teamed up with the human guards. I don’t want some careless person to sue me for getting bitten when they try to pet one,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“They’ll be at every exit, with extras patrolling routes. Metal detectors at the doors, the whole nine yards. Though I don’t have a food taster,” she joked, even if half of her did think that might not be a bad idea. Making poisons herself, she tended to be a bit paranoid.

The End

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