A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

The tone in which she spoke of her brother’s decorating told Jai that she didn’t appear to care for material things, or at least not so much that it would seem pretentious. Everyone needed a little luxury in their life every now and then though. And on the bright side, if something were to happen between them, he could rest easy knowing that she would not be using him for his money or trying to trick him for monetary gain. Jai did love spoiling his dates, but he had to be careful. Seemed he wouldn’t need to be so careful around her though if her reactions were any indication.

At the word incinerator, his brows jumped both in curiosity and possibly a little in fright. She was serious business. She didn’t play around. He liked that, and returned her grin as he caught up to her. Someone who could speak so freely about incinerating people… Those kind usually made the best agents - no silly emotions to get in the way. Or maybe he was jumping the gun at profiling her. Either way, he found her more intriguing by the minute.

Yes, the compliment was genuine but he usually saved such lines for after he’d gotten to know someone better. In his line of work, he couldn’t show his soft side so easily as it could mean the difference between life and death. It was a psychological thing, of course. "Breakfast alone… It happens more than you’d think.” A step closer and his index finger slid along her neck to attempt to tame the rogue curls back into submission. “I might be easy, but I assure you, I’m also quite picky. I have an eye for quality and right now, both eyes are on you.” Locked on her gaze, to be more precise.

And the cherry on top was that she was a scientist as well? Beauty, allure, and brains. “Sounds like a plan to me. I’ll give you all the hard evidence you could ever need.” Their bodies were close now and her scent flowed through his lungs. Jai didn’t want to move, but the tour needed to continue and he had to ensure the place was secure for her safety. Plus, he couldn’t give in just yet. He’d just admitted he wanted her, so now it was time to allow that to sink in. Did she want him as well?

With one arm confidently snaking around her waist, he attempted to lead her further down the hallway. “Now, what about the windows? Security film and vibration sensors at least?” Now his tone was casual, but his heart continued to beat loud enough where he could hear it in his own ears. “Perhaps we could put up something that electrocutes intruders to go with the incinerator?” Although he was kidding, he would have helped her bring to life that idea just the same.

The End

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