A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Highest caliber…oh, surely now he was just being flattering. Granted, it was true: there were few women like her, wealthy, beautiful, skilled, sexy…she could mentally list her attributes all day. But to have someone else point it out only a few minutes into conversation, now that was angling for a goal. Not that she minded. The smile he flashed as she took his picture certainly earned him points toward that end, and she was glad she’d sent it to herself. It might prove worth keeping for later memories. 

As she led him down the hallway, Claire looked back over her shoulder as Agent Wilcox took in the decor. "My brother likes to put his paycheck on display,” she said in response to his comment, rolling her eyes. “I understand the purpose for occasions such as these, and I don’t mind the luxury, but I prefer more subtlety in my own decor.”  She wrinkled her nose pertly, as though William’s taste had a bad odor to it. Her own room was done in natural, lighter tones–creams, blues, tans, greens–and, despite her personality, didn’t have the same dramatic flare as the public areas of the manse.

Continuing along, she pointed up at one of the grates that lead into the air ducts. “Well, we don’t have motion sensors, but we do have incinerators. So far, it’s proved an…efficient…security system.” She waved her hand to dismiss that morbid little detail. “We didn’t leave any stone unturned either. Though I must say…I appreciate your thoroughness.” She looked back at him again, wicked grin spreading across her face at the idea of other areas the man might be thorough in. Pausing until they were side by side, she glanced back at the painting on the wall he pointed to.

Her grin turned soft as Jai so nicely compared her to that painting. It had the feel of a genuine compliment rather than one geared at getting between her sheets, and it made her go ‘awh’ internally.

But that was not the point of this game of cat and mouse. Bypassing the sweet comment, however, she chose instead to keep the game going. “Oh, come now, a face like yours, eating breakfast alone? You can’t make me believe it,” she said, tilting her head at him which caused a few stray curls to snake around her neck.

“As something of a scientist, I’ll have to have empirical evidence, you know. At the end of the evening, we’ll have to see how scrumptious breakfast sounds and plan accordingly." 

The End

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