A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

At her words - talented tongue - Jai quirked a brow in interest. Oh yes, she had his full attention. Ever since she had sashayed through those doors, she had had his undivided attention, to be more precise. "Yes, fascinating,” he repeated, returning her glance and giving a knowing smirk. “Fascinating and of the highest caliber.” That could apply to the phone and to the lovely lady in front of him… Of course he meant her.

As she leaned back, Jai did as she commanded, giving a bright smile and posing as though he was in a photoshoot for GQ. Yeah, she was leaning too far back to only get the papers in the picture. Who could blame her though - he was in a tux and everything. Hair was perfect. Maybe later she’d mess it up for him though. “Alright, Claire it is then.” Unfortunately her name didn’t have any syllables he could emphasis to sound it out in a suggestive manner. Nothing could beat his last name in that particular department.

Just as he was about to reach out for his phone, her words surprised him yet again. It was so unexpected that it almost caused him to blush. Almost. Instead, he somehow kept it together and wondered what nice deeds he’d done to deserve this. Eyes followed her soft, inviting fingertips as she tucked his phone into his pocket before his gaze met hers for a moment. The quiet allowed Jai to hear his own heart beating loudly in his ears. It was then that he finally admitted to himself - perhaps he’d met his match? Normally it would have been too soon to tell, but his pulse was already racing from her closeness… And that normally didn’t happen so easily.

“Oh, no. No more paperwork,” he reassured even though he had no idea if he’d finished the list or not. Not like Auggie would see it anyway. “East wing and then counter clockwise. Got it.” As he began walking beside her, hands casually slipped into his pockets to keep them out of any sort of trouble, whether it be touching an expensive, breakable piece of art, or helping with the rogue strands of hair falling along her neckline and swaying ever so gently as she walked. Professional. Be professional.

Getting lost in the artwork along the walls helped to distract him. “Amazing. This is one of the most luxurious mansions I’ve ever been in. I assume you have all the security basics covered already. As you know, those will detour small time criminals, but the ones that would try something in here… they’d know what they were doing.” After a studying glance up at the ceiling, his eyes focused on her. “The vents - would a person be able to crawl through them? If so, do you have motion detectors installed throughout them? I’ve seen it all, so I don’t want to leave any stone unturned.”

“These,” he began as he pointed to a painting, “aren’t the only works of art that need protecting, you know.” At that, he nodded towards her with a soft, sincere smile. Oh no, that was corny, wasn’t it? If he wasn’t careful, she would eat him alive. “I mean, if you get kidnapped, I’ll be eating breakfast alone, won’t I?” There he went - back into the game and adding in a wink for extra measure.

The End

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