A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

If she was any good at observing people and interpreting their actions–and she was–Claire would say that the poor man had become distracted. He’d taken a picture of the same page three times now, and unless there was some technological purpose for it, she took the credit for that one. Not that she was surprised, really: few men had the power to avoid staring when she put any effort into how she said things–like their name–around them. Mentally patting herself on the back for managing to achieve that so quickly, she let a suggestive smile part those lips he was apparently so enamored of.

"I’ve been told I’ve a talented tongue,” she quipped, “when it comes to words. Lips are just part of the process, though thank you for such sweet words of your own.” She moved again as he showed her his phone, tucking a stray curl behind her ear and angling her head toward the screen…and him…as he explained the process. Though still not entirely sure how it did all that, she was impressed, and her expression said so.

“It can do all that so quickly? Simply fascinating…” As she spoke the last words, however, her eyes were not on the phone, but rather peering up at Jai’s face through thick lashes.

“Blue button, then, handsome,” she said after a pause, unabashedly mocking his so-called fumble while she took the offered phone. The man was smooth, she’d give him that. “Though please, Claire is fine. ‘Ma'am’ makes me feel at least thirty years older. Smile.” Doing the same herself, she leaned back on the desk to get all of him in the frame, though she assumed he only intended for her to take a picture of the documents. Instead, she took a picture of all of him. In the 'recipient’ menu for the text, she quickly typed in the number for her own phone; a subtle way of giving the man her number, were he to stumble across it later. Her brother would nag her about security, about giving out personal information, but it was her business phone and she could take care of any repercussions herself. Besides. She was a grown woman and would do as she pleased. And who she pleased, for that matter.

Handing out the phone for him to take, her other hand bracing her against the desk, Claire smiled again. “I’m sure I can find somewhere in my schedule tonight tosqueeze you in. For a dance, of course.” She slid gracefully off the desk and decided to tuck his phone into his breast pocket rather than wait for him to take it. Her fingers lingered there for a moment, eyes flicking up to his again, before she stepped past him and opened the doors, turning to wait for him. 

“Your tour, however, can start right now. Unless you have more riveting pictures of paper to take?” She raised an eyebrow at the question, smirking as she knew it wasn’t at all the case. “We can start with the rooms in the east wing and go counter clockwise, ending up in the ballroom, where most of us will be spending most of the night.” The whole tour should take about 30 minutes, longer if he had security questions or wanted to take some mental notes. Claire wouldn’t mind the excuse to not deal with the remaining minutia of set up; William could handle it this time.

The End

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