A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

The manner in which she practically purred out those foreign words did not go unnoticed by Jai as it only added fuel to the fire; he could speak the language as well (along with a few others), but that would be his little secret for now. Perhaps he’d reveal his multi-language ability to her in the morning over breakfast quiche and crepes.

As the electronic filing of the papers continued, he couldn’t help giving a wondering glance here and there as she made herself comfortable upon the desk. Eyes scanned over the expensive cloth of her dress and the way she filled it out, which was a bit distracting, causing him to send a few unfocused and non-paper pics to Auggie in the process. Did she know what she was doing? Surely she had to.

Finally it was confirmed with the way she spoke. The way she said his name was between an angel’s sigh and a siren’s call… And finally, the hypnotizing way her lips formed each and every syllable brought a chill down his spine. As soon as he realized he was staring, Jai smirked in an attempt to play it off as though she hadn’t just managed to put him in a mini trance. "Oh yes, flows off your tongue perfectly. By the way, you have the most lovely lips I’ve ever seen,” was said in a casual tone as if he were complimenting her jewelry. Yes, it appeared some kind of game was afoot and he hadn’t enjoyed something like this in a very long time. It was his lucky night, it appeared.

There was then a sigh from his earpiece. “Jai, should I go ahead and prepare the sexual harassment paperwork for her?” Without missing a beat, Jai subtly scratched at his ear, turning off the device and muting the nagging. Auggie definitely knew how to ruin a moment.

As she leaned over, Jai subtly took in the scent of her perfume. It was the expensive stuff, although he couldn’t quite come up with a name. She was quality all around. At her questions, he wasn’t sure if they were genuine or just a plot to invade his personal space (as right now he was way too distracted to determine it from her body language). Either way he wouldn’t complain, as he didn’t mind teaching her about his phone. The more people knew about technology, the easier his job was in the grand scheme of things.

“Yes, beautiful-I mean, Ma'am. This program turns the words from the pictures into a text file and sends that straight to an agent at the office for further investigation.” After one last innocent brush of fingers against her outer thigh, he gently handed over his phone and picked up the papers to hold up in front of himself. “Please, go right ahead. Just wait for it to focus and click the blue button.” His smile was soft as he watched her, amused by her curiosity, whether it was real or an act. it was adorable either way. Shewas adorable… and fiery at the same time. “And perhaps after we’re finished with this, you could give me a personal tour of the place and if I may be so bold, a dance as well?” Cue the Bambi Eyes.

The End

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