A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Pleasantly surprised by the charming kiss the agent placed on her hand, Claire’s grin was genuine as she gave a light chuckle and said, "Oh, well, enchanté, monsieur.” Perhaps this government agent wouldn’t be quite as bland as the rest. He seemed to have a bit of the predatory streak Claire herself was proud of; and if so, what an enticing game awaited them over the course of the evening. After all, she felt his presence was more of a formality–him being distracted wouldn’t be as detrimental as all that–and that slip up had the sound of something practiced. She wouldn’t be surprised if he’d meant to turn her mind in such a naughty direction…

Two could most certainly play in that game, and if she were a piece in it, she was going to be the queen. Crossing one leg over the other and scooting back a bit on the desk for support, she placed her arms behind her and leaned back just a touch; comfortable and suggestive, but not overly so. Not just yet. “I suppose Jai would be among the more appropriate things to call you,” she quipped with a hint of a smile as he began taking pictures of the guest list. His flipping the pages was entirely unnecessary as she would’ve gladly done it for him, but then again, it did give him the excuse of being able to touch her leg.

“Though ‘Agent Wilcox’ does have that….authoritative roundness….to it. Like a title should. It flows off the tongue rather nicely, wouldn’t you say? Agent Jai Wilcox…” She savored the words with the last repetition, pronouncing them slowly and pointedly, eyes never leaving Jai’s face. She wanted him to watch her lips as they formed his name; she wanted that image to stick in his mind. Letting that sink in for a moment or two, she grinned before turning curious eyes to his phone. Never having been one for much technology–that was much more William’s area–the process of using it for this information actually was interesting.

Leaning over just enough to see the screen of his phone–and be just that much closer to his hand when he turned pages–Claire tilted her head. “Does that get sent to a device that can run the images through a database? Can it do that from just a picture?” She honestly didn’t know, only using her much more simplistic device for calling and texting. Why have a machine for the more complicated things when she had an assistant?

The End

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