A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

After a firm handshake, Jai followed his eyes over to the nearby chair and nodded before taking a seat. Hmm, comfortable… And while getting situated, he concluded that it was indeed real leather. The clinking of the nearby glass sounded familiar as well - fine crystal? Now this was a workplace that Jai could get used to! It would be rude to refuse a drink, so he took the offered glass without hesitation. Just a little wouldn’t hurt, he supposed.

As the man explained the situation, Jai nodded, impressed and relieved that this job was going to be easier than he’d first thought. Sounded like they had everything under control to him. Of course he would still double check what he could for them as protocol dictated. Even if they had everything tied up in a neat bow, he still had to appear busy in other areas besides the food table. Hopefully they just needed a little extra reinsurance to protect their assets.

Speaking of assets, as Jai was about to speak again, William’s sister - Claire - passed by his chair in scene stealing dress and intoxicating perfume, causing Jai to instinctively quirk a brow in interest. No wait, that was his sister. Focus… on the whisky. And that he attempted, sipping it down discreetly, unknown if it would help or not, but no harm in trying.

Then their eyes met, and Jai could have sworn he’d seen that look before… Ah yes, on Animal Planet. Did it make him nervous? Perhaps a little, but he’d never admit that to himself. He was Jai Wilcox and he was always in control of the situation unless he willed otherwise. Or so he thought.

Just as he was about to stand to shake her hand, William did something that he was not expecting. She’d eat him alive? With a serious nod, Jai replied, “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” And then he proceeded to glance around the room for hidden cameras. Aha, so Auggie was setting him up? This was a prank of some sort? Jai would keep on his guard, but right now, there was a beautiful woman right in front of him who deserved his full attention.

Shaking off Williams words and his suspicions that this might be some sort of prank set up by Auggie, he stood and took the folder from her with one hand and held out his other to her in greeting. “It’s a pleasure, Claire. Please, call me Jai. And I am at your service for the night… I mean, the party.” No, that wasn’t a real slip-up. As his hand touched her soft one, he didn’t just shake it, he lifted it up to press lips to the top of it in a gentle kiss.

“Jai! If you’ve forgotten, I can hear everything you do. Now is no time to play prince charming,” suddenly came from his hidden earpiece. If Auggie knew Jai like he did, then he didn’t have to see what was going on - hearing it was quite enough. “Scan those papers with your phone so I can begin cross referencing them with the databases. Now.” Auggie was not playing around, nope.

Mentally rolling his eyes at Auggie, Jai slowly released her hand for the moment to focus on the papers. “Thank you so much for these. I just need to scan them to send in real quick.” Regretfully, he took his eyes off her and laid the papers down on the desk beside her to then take out his phone to begin snapping the needed pics. As he turned the pages, he’d occasionally accidentally ghost fingertips down the side of her thigh that was beside the folder. Yes, accidental. That was his story and he was sticking to it.

The End

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