A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Busywork - that was what this was, Jai figured as he recalled Auggie’s almost suspiciously sweet tone as he’d described this assignment earlier that morning. Food, drinks, cream of the crop guest list, and most probably beautiful women, and all Jai had to do was keep an undercover eye on the event, paying special attention to anyone who seemed suspicious. These sorts of exclusive parties attracted those who would not normally be seen in public - those who had something to hide. Criminals like that, their egos always gave them away like this. And if anyone knew about egos, Jai Wilcox did.

Handing over his keys to the valet, he grinned. “If I find a scratch on the car, I’ll put a scratch on your ass.” The kid squeaked and nodded before hopping in. With that taken care of, Jai straightened his tux all the while surveying the outside perimeter. “Mic check, Auggie. From what I can see, the front of the building appears secure. Guards everywhere,” he whispered into his earpiece before making his way to the front door. The lovely fountain caught his attention for a moment and a mental note was made to check on getting one for his own place.

After a quick showing of his credentials, he was promptly escorted across the main room and down a generous hallway. Despite all the elaborate artwork and such, Jai kept his focus - eyes forward and ears open. This might have only been a scheme to get him out of the office so that Auggie could eat all the good doughnuts, but he was still determined to take it seriously. Once everything was in order, he’d also be taking the buffet seriously as well though.

Their walk came to a halt in front of a doorway before one of the staff opened it for him and then promptly closed it behind him. After a subtle scan of the room - in both paranoia and admiration - his attention turned to the man in the room who he assumed was William and he gave a confident, friendly smile. This job was going to be cake, so he thought. “As you know, I’m Agent Wilcox,” he said as he approached the desk with his hand out in greeting. “Lovely home. I’ll make sure it stays that way. May I look over a copy of the guest list? And if you have any enemies that you know about, I can run them through the database and can probably get updates on their last known whereabouts to see if we can get a lead and put your worries to rest.” Although eyes drifted to the whisky for a moment, Jai knew that wouldn’t have been the smartest of ideas. Focus.

The End

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