A Red Letter Evening // Claire & JaiMature

Wherein Jai (JaiWilcox) takes on a security assignment at the Wandesford Estate, and ends up tangled in with Claire in all her predatory glory.

There was an energy already building in the air around the Wandesford Estate. Everything, including the kitchen sink, had been inspected, cleaned, polished, and prepared for the massive amounts of guests expected. The staff was busy preparing food, as well as rooms, and delicious aromas wafted out of the kitchens. Business buzzed throughout the expansive home. It wasn’t often that the gates were opened for anyone other than William and his sister, and such occasions were nights for the books. Were they in older times, ballads would surely be written.

Having secluded himself in the west wing of the house, wherein laid his bedroom, William set about the task of putting on his tie. It was the last, finishing step to his ensemble, a fine, dove grey three piece suit with a deep burgundy dress shirt. The colors suited him, and the black satin tie so perfectly matched his hair that as he stepped back to admire the effect, he couldn’t help but grin.

“Damn fine,” he chuckled to himself, running one hand through his hair to give it that slightly tousled look that won so many hearts. Well, bodies, anyway. Hearts were too much work. Giving the tie another little tug for perfection, William closed his wardrobe and made his way to his office toward the entrance of the manse. He passed through the wide hallways so tastefully–and expensively–decorated with antiques, original artwork from various time periods, statues, vases, plants…even a fountain, right by the front door. There was no denying, the Wandesfords had class, taste, and the wealth to act on it. Overall, the place was done in warm, earthy tones with splashes of deeper jewel tones for accents. A few, more personal rooms varied with William and Claire’s tastes, but the rooms others would see maintained the inviting and warm, rich flavor.

William’s office, or at least as he liked to think of it, despite the fact that Claire used it for business too, was no exception. A family portrait hung over the massive, Rococo writing desk, four somber but beautiful faces rendered in oil paints. Though their parents were dead and William and Claire no longer the children depicted, it was due to their parents that the Wandesford children could live so well. Information–the discreet gathering and dispensing of it–paid more than handsomely, and they’d been at it for generations. In fact, 150 years in the business was the reason behind this whole, all out celebration, and the reason William was in his office rather than sneaking tidbits of food from the kitchen. Such an event required tighter security–the Wandesfords weren’t going to be the most wealthy or important people in attendance, and certain measures had to be taken.

The staff had been told to send Agent Wilcox to William’s office upon arrival, so the man focused instead on making himself comfortable. If they were going to be discussing the intricacies of close observation, he might as well have a drink. Taking the decanter and two glasses, he poured his own drink and sat behind the desk, propping his feet up on the elaborately carved, mahogany piece of furniture.

Whisky always tasted best when waiting.

The End

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