A Reality CHECK from life..

The young girl was totally lost out in the world full of Corruption, Lies, Stealing,Killing, Partying.....And her mother wasn't there to Save her!

Roaming the streets at night not knowing if it's safe or not was extremely dangerous...But the young girl NEVER saw the dangerous part because she was so caught up in the fun.

Those around her agreeing to what she was doing...Seems like everyone is blind to me.

Dates with a different guy everynight at 17..Where are the Parents of this young girl?....Out not caring because they're Partying, Stealing, Lieing they can't see big picture for what it really is!

How could you let this young girl leave your eye sight and not come after her? A Parents job is to protect a child?...her mother never came for her

Totally lost, and losing her way each and everyday! She wants and needs help but PRIDE is an enemy within its self! Not wanting to ask anyone for anything, afraid, Strong, and Scared all wrapped up in one!

If her mother truly wanted her she could've came for her and there would've been nothing she could do about it...IT never happened! Her mother was worried about her BUT never got up and made actions to fight to get her child back.......How could she?

Now she begin to drink again..the Medicine that helped her forget everything and the HEADACHE in the morning that made her regret even wanting Alcohol.

Still..How could this be? A 17 Yr Old young girl who's lost and have two parents who "LOVE" her so much! She was the baby and everyone loves her. How could two "Responsible, Caring, Providing, Nourturing, and Loving" Parents let her go so full of willingness?

Your little girl is Lost why didn't you help her?

Ask yourself these Questions......She needed you and you wasn't there.

The End

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