A ray of sunshine

"How can she even bear to come to school everyday looking like that!?" shrieked Tanya Jones the school bully.  "Oh my gosh, look at how fat she is! I feel sorry for whoevers in her PE class!"

I looked down at my clenched fists curling then uncurling on the desk, gritting my teeth. I felt the anger boiling inside me forcing itself up my throat like red hot lava. My head felt like it was ready to explode.

This ofcourse is what happens every single day. Seeing as im the most unpopular girl in school. Just because i don't have money to waste on unnecessary clothing and accessories. I'd much rather spend my well-earned pocket money on things like books and dvds to keep me entertained during boring weekends and school holidays. As i don't have many friends, the time we have off school is the most boring ever! I like to being in school. i love learning and feeling the rush of pride whenever a teacher asks a question that i know the answer to. That's probably why i'm called a boffin. The word boffin conjures up an image of people who love working, basically a geek. i don't love to work, it's just better than being bored and atleast it secures me a better future.

"Leave me alone" I whispered angrily.

I knew there was no point in saying this. Why would Tanya leave me alone if she could carry on making fun of me and show off to the rest of the class? It was a lost battle from the start.

"Ha! Listen everybody, she's starting!" sneered Tanya.

When she said 'starting' this meant that i was apparantly starting a fight. I knew she was just stirring it up.

The class began to stop talking and looked at me.  Some laughed at me, others looked slightly worried. All i was worried about was that the teacher would return to the classroom from answering a phone call outside and catching me not working.

Dont worry im not normally this keen to work, its just i love english and want to prove myself to my teacher, Mrs Carter that i am good enough to get an achievment badge.

My school Newtown High school has a system that at the end of every term we have a special assembly. During the assembly they say a subject name and give awards to two students from each year. When i say awards i mean a badge. It means nothing to some but means everything to others. How odd.

"I'm not starting, just stop stirring!" I yelled back suprised by my sudden outburst.

"Right, thats it!" Shouted Tanya raising her fist and taking an aim at my face.

Before i could think of defending myself i felt a giant thump on my nose. My nose cracked and instantly began pouring out crimson blood.

I was so dazed i couldn't think, but i could feel so many eyes on me that embarrassment rushed throughout my body. I felt my cheeks burn and tears began to sting my eyes as though somebody had poked them with a needle.

"What's going on? Oh my god, Grace are you ok?" screached Mrs Carter.

"Umm, ye i think" I mumbled stupidly.

"Right, Amelia take Grace straight to the medical room! I think she may have a broken nose." Said Mrs Carter trying to stay calm.

I was happy that Mrs Carter had chosen Amelia to take me. Amelia was a quiet girl like me and never got involved with the arguments that i seemed to be unwillingly dragged into.

"Are you ok?" asked Amelia as soon as we got outside the classroom. She was looking at me with a worried expression.

"Yes im fine, but i think my nose is broken. Thanks for walking me to the medical room" i replied gratefully.

The face she made next suprised me a little. I knew she was nice and all but i didn't expect to see her crack a real caring and friendly smile.

The smile really suited her pretty doll-like face. I didn't get to see her smile often as she was used to getting the same treatment as me. Not because she looked crap like me, but because she was smart and loved to learn.

I looked at her with jealousy. Her pale skin was flawless and she had the most beautiful shiny auburn hair i'd ever seen. She was also extremely thin which made her even more doll like. She looked very fragile. It seemed to me that if somebody was to poke her she would smash into a thousand peices. Above all she was lovely. She was very kind and i felt really comfortable around her.

"Here we are" she smiled as we reached the medical room.

"Thanks again. Maybe see you tommorrow?" I asked hopeful that i had made a new friend.

"Sure, if you're in school that is" she reminded me pointing to my nose.

I smiled at her and entered the medical room feeling better than ever. Even though i was experiencing so much pain, I knew that right there, i had made a friend.

The End

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