Strange Intruders


     He tilted his head at the picture as questions flew through his mind. Who is that women and is that infant his fathers? He looked up at his mother his face still filled with confusion and opened his mouth to speak. Before he could emit a sound, his mother spoke to him. The first time shed addressed him in a long while.

     “Damien, I know I haven't been a very good mother lately,” she spoke gently and lifted her head, her hair moving from her face as she gazed at him, “I'm sorry.”

     He sat there staring at her, he thought the same to himself many times a day. Even when he would try to tell himself that it wasn't her fault, that she was just effected more by the news, and although he loved her just as a son should, he still felt a little resentment toward her deep inside.

     “Mother,” he began, then looked away slightly; he really had nothing to say. There was nothing he wanted say at the moment that would do anything but make her feel worse.

     His mother stood from her bed and approached him slowly kneeling down to eye level with him, “You've been such a good son, and brother, caring for your sister.” she said softly. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pulled him close to her, “you know I love you and Salinna.. more than life its self.”

     Damien sat in her arms listening to her, but did not hug back. Her words made the feeling he had deep inside churn. He knew what she was saying she really meant, but, for some reason he still felt doubt and closed his eyes.

    She gripped him a bit tighter, “promise me, when I'm gone you'll protect her... she's so young and frail still.”

     Damien opened his eyes wide, interested by those words, “Mother, what do you mean? What are you talking about when your gone?” He tried to gently pull back from her but she held him too tight. The thought that she was just going to leave them made the feeling he had grow a bit stronger.

     She didn't reply to his questions, just stayed silent and held him tightly against his futile attempts to pull back. Her silence just made Damien's feeling flare and he pushed himself out of her arms and stared at her sternly, “What do you mean?!”

     Then they heard someone hitting the front door. Damien turned and looked out the bedroom door down the hall. His mothers face full a fear as she stood and ran out of the room heading down the hall to the living room where the front door was. Damien shouted out to her then followed quickly.

     When Damien caught up to her she stood in the doorway still and stared in front of her. Two people stood in the doorway, water dripping from them as rain came in through the open door and pattered on the small square of tile that was in front of the door. One was a man with long black hair, a long black jacket that hung past his hips and dark glasses the hid his eyes and contrasted against his pale skin. The other was a woman that wore a tight, slick, black coat and a red skirt that matched her amber eyes. She grabbed the hood of he coat and pushed it back revealing her long bright blonde, almost white, curly hair.

The End

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