A Strange Photo


A few hours past before he woke again, the storm outside still raging and his throat dry. He maneuvered around Salinna, careful not to wake her as he crawled out of bed. He walked gently out of his room as to not make the dark wood floor squeak beneath his feet. Closing the door behind him he walked down the hall to the bathroom and flipped on the dim light. He approached the sink and turned the silver knob releasing the water into the bowl of the sink. He cupped his hands under the thick stream; the cool liquid quickly filled them and he brought it to his lips letting it spill into his mouth. After all of the water had gone he repeated it, most nights lately he couldn’t seem to quench his dry throat.

Unable to rid himself of his dry throat once again, Damien sighed and turned the light off then began to head back to his room. But as he stepped out of the bathroom a thin stream of light on the floor caught his eye. He turned and noticed it was coming from the door to his mother’s room, which was slightly ajar. With curiosity he walked to the door and looked in, lightly pushing the door open a bit more. His mother was sitting on the bed across the room, her soft, blonde hair covering her face, and as always old photos strewn across the floor, some on the bed in front of her. He looked at his mother then the photos with a sad expression at the thought that each one was a happy memory stained on glossy paper to reminisce.

“Mother, you shouldn’t leave theses on the floor like this.” He said softly trying not to let his sadness show in his voice.

He knelt down to the photos by his feet and picked a few up, looking at them in his hands. He stared at a photo of his mother, pregnant, with his father standing by her side. He moved that photo to the back of the pile in his hand to observe the next. But upon seeing the next photo his face changed to confusion. In the photo was his father and another women with pale skin, short red hair and wore a long red dress; the dress seemed to be rich, smooth silk. In her arms was an infant. The infant had his fathers dark, raven hair, just as Damien did, and bright icy blue eyes.

The End

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