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it's a random story, for practice (gasp)

"It's cold." she said quietly, her breath forming a mini-cloud or whatever it's called in the frigid air. "Nah, it's hot." I reply, laughing at my sarcastic remark. "Oh my god. Shut up!" She says as she joins me laughing while hitting my arm. "Why did you drag me out here again?" I ask, half jokingly but half serious. "You know I love watching the sunrise C." She says smiling before turning away from me to look into the distance. "Here it is, the main event!" She says, giggling while spreading her arms like a magician showing off a grand trick. The sun begins to show it's face, warning you first with it's beautiful streaks of color illuminating the sky, then appearing in all of it's warm enveloping radiance. Except it's still cold, so I don't think I can use "warm" as a valid attribute right now. She turns to me and asks "Did you say something?". I quickly shake my head and reply "Nah.". She then squints at me, probably suspecting I did actually say something, before returning her attention to the sunrise. "This view...it's so beautiful, how'd you find this place?" she asks after awhile of gazing dreamily at the now painting-like sky, with her warm smile piercing through the cold air. I stammer "I...I-found it while skateboarding with some friends.". It's the truth after all, though I wonder why I choked up on my words. "Hmm...you should invite me to skate with you guys one day!" she exclaims, and I then take a good look at her. Brown eyes, dark brown, nearly black, silky-smooth hair that goes just below her shoulder,"Sure." I say then finding her suddenly in front of me, looking deeply into my eyes. Her gorgeous brown eyes staring into mine. She closes her eyes and leans in as I do the same, and I swear our lips touched. I don't even have time to question how this all happens before I wake. Alas, I open my eyes to find that the "kiss" is really just my dog, Scraps. He's a milk chocolate colored, short haired pit bull that me and my friends found wandering around our neighborhood. "Cmon Scraps, did you really have to lick my mouth and tongue?" I say, spitting hair out my mouth then rushing to go brush my teeth. As I spread the toothpaste, I glance at myself in the mirror, my hair's surprisingly alright. "I'm so sexy." I say, before I bust out laughing. Scraps starts licking my leg, then I remember I was in the middle of brushing my teeth. With the toothbrush in my mouth, I pet him then open the bathroom blinds. Pitch black. "That's weird...I wonder what time it is?" I ask as I glance at the clock. 3:55 am. I groan as I realize I woke up too early then finish brushing, tongue, teeth, tongue again, then mouth wash. I made it a science. I pat my mouth with a towel then go to get my phone and return to the bathroom. I don't know why I went to get it, just feel safer with it. I find myself looking towards the window. I open the window then close it quickly, wondering how I forgot how cold it was outside. "It's cold..." I say. "Where have I heard that before?". I ask, hazily recalling fragmented memories from the dream as I get my Galaxy S4 out my pocket. As I unlock it, I find the answer to my question. "Oh yeah that dream..." I say, now starting to remember the vivid dream I just awoke from.


The End

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