A Random Poem 2Mature

When I am feeling down and out

When I am feeling very depressed

I will listen to music make me well

I will do things that I always enjoy


Whenever I am feeling distant from The Lord

I will do things that displease My Abba Father

As my mother once said that long time ago

Everyone is accountable to God after Death


I feel as though I will be entering Hades

I feel as though there will be blazing fire

I will be always be burn to death in Hell

I will be send down to the pit of death


Unless I have a repentance heart

I will be entering gate of Heaven

To meet with God and Christians

There will always be no sadness


I had a vision from God long time

Showing me Heaven and Hades

Warning me to always repent

He will always forgive me

Asking me turn away from Sin

The End

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