First Day of School

It was sunny and crowded as piles and piles of children piled through the school gates for the first day of term.

The school was a boarding school and this time would be the last time that they would pass through those gates, unless for an excursion.

Everyone was getting dropped off by parents in black limosines or hummers. With several suitcases around them they went and greeted all the friends that they had met last time. Year sevens and newbies alike lay back in the shadows unsure as to what to expect and hoping that they would get told what to do.

I was sitting at the top of the steps, waiting for my own friends to turn up, they were late. I did not mind, I liked to try and guess as to who the scholarship people were. And who were here by power of money alone.

That’s when I saw him.

Unlike the others who piled through those gates in either anticipation or dread, he had the air of someone who was waiting in a train station for his train to pull out.

Unlike the kids who had many bags from Gucci or others containing all the gear that they would need for the next term. He carried only a single duffle on his back. Seriously worn in as if it had travelled much.

Unlike the rest of the school who wore the mnost expensive clothes they could find ironed and pressed till perfection. He wore boots, jeans and a shirt that looked as well worn as his bag, even slept in.

He didn’t even pause as he walked up the steps and into the school.

As I said, the air of someone who is in a train station.

I would have followed had it not been for the arrival of my overly exuberant friend.

“Hiya Kayla.” She yelled as she ran over and gave me a hug that would have knocked me off my feet had I been standing.

“HI Jess.” I greeted. “What’s the goss?”

“Two new people in our leval this year. A girl and boy.”

“Yeah, I think I saw one of them.”

The End

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