The workers were busy painting over another one that morning. I know because I could just see the outlines underneath the undercoat.

The paint was specifically designed to trap the colour behind it, and not allow it to escape from the institution grey that every building had to be painted.

The mysterious artist had come out with his first painting ten years ago, just as I turned five. That one was an upside down rainbow that spanned two buildings. Yet, despite the gap, that rainbow seemed to cross over and make itself complete.

The entire city talked about it for days. The government tried to paint over it numerous times, but each time it seemed to bleed through whatever was thrown over the top.

Eventually, they found a paint that could cover this person’s works, and that is what they were doing on that morning.

I saw a glimpse of horizon, before I had to move off again on my way.

For ten years now. The government had been painting over this mysterious artist’s works as soon as they were found. They were scared because they bred something in the populous that meant that the Government’s power was threatened.

Change of any kind was bad for our leaders. They thrived on the fact that they had held power for almost one hundred years and the people whom they ruled had lost their will to change it. Even the idea of freedom had abandoned them.

This artist; whoever he was, conveyed feelings that no-one had felt for a very long time, I had never felt these feelings until the day that this mysterious man had started.

Happiness, hope, even joy.

The End

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