The Good Samaritan

I saw him walking to school. It was the middle of winter and he was wearing shorts and a short sleaved shirt. I could easily see that his arms and legs were starting to turn blue from the effects of the weather. But he was determined to keep walking.

I honestly did not think anything of it. The students at this school conformed so readily to the whims of "fashion" that I just thought it was a new fad going around.

But next time I saw him he was definitly blue and past the point of shivering to stay warm. His friends were dressed warmly and they were talking with this boy. Laughing at his complaints about how cold he was and how he wished he had a jumper.

Finnally, I could wait no longer. I moved from my position against the nearby wall and walked over to them.

I could hear the gasps of the boy's friends at the surprise of my aproach.

Understandible. From year seven I had removed myself as far as possible from the students around me in order to preserve my sanity. All attempts at getting me to speak were ignored. All friendship attempts given the cold shoulder.

You can see why then those children were surprised to see me walk towards them. I( did not speak to other people and any attempts to make me do so only resulted in failure.

I stopped and, taking my jumper off, thrust it into the boy's hands and walked away again.

I did not see them, but I felt the five pairs of eyes staring at my back in wonder.

The End

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