Silence is a strange companion

The boy walked through the school gates. Not looking up from his own two feet and ignored by the crowd around him. He spends his days in silence. His feet barely making a sound, his voice not making any.


"Hey silence." Yelled a big boy who probably plays basketball, or football; perhaps both from across the hall. "Perhaps today you might talk."


The boy doesn't speak; he shows no inclination that he even heard the bully speak. He just walked to class.


Class was over quickly and recess came around. He had just stepped out of the toilet, his hair wet after yet again getting his head forced down the toilet. The teachers had tried once to get him to speak of his torment, but he had not responded; they did not try again.


He looked out of the window to his left. and saw a girl walking across the basketball courts. She walked as if she was in a hurry, and her shoulders were hunched. She was trying not to be seen, and succeeding.


Curious, the boy decided to follow her. Which he did, not making a sound at all.


The girl went inside the library, the boy followed. She went straight to the back, where the "stacks" could be found. She sat down and began to read.


The boy watched for ages, and she did not see. The bell rang and they went their separate ways.


The day was over quickly. And the boy walked home. He drew up to the front door quickly, too quickly, he no excuse to dawdle.


The boy walked in the front door. His father in the office to the left, pretending the world did not exist as he typed frantically. He did not come often, and then only for a few hours. Sometimes he even slept in the office where he worked.


The boy walked past his door unseen.

The End

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