Go with Tim to see the Miyagi.

You go with Tim through a back door, which leads to a room with glass walls and a wooden floor. A tiny man with spectacles is sitting on the floor with his eyes closed. He seems to be meditating.

"Very quiet." Tim warned. "And don't speak unless spoken to."

You stand there, waiting for the tiny man to come out of his trance, when finally, you run out of patience and yell, "Hey, Mr. Miyag..."

Before you have finished the sentence, a terrible pain passes through your chest and you are flung across the room and crash into a glass wall. The next second, you are pinned to this wall.

It is Miyagi, his tiny eyes furious.

"You DARE disturb me while I'm meditating??! Give me ONE reason I shouldn't break your neck right now!"

The End

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