The basement of your school is haunted.

Using your awesome yellow-Pacman-inspired ideas, you manage to eat your way through the school gate and front door (it being a Saturday, the school isn’t actually open), and then make your way slowly (and weirdly) down to the school’s basement. In the dark you notice, at first, just four glowing shapes, but as your eyes become accustomed to the light, you recognise them to be your Pacman foes: the ultraviolet pink, blue, red and orange ghosts!

As you advance towards them, making beeping noises like the game, the blue ghost, Inkey, says:


They turn and start to march towards you.

“I’m Pacman!” You stand your ground.

“Well,” says ghost number two, Clyde, “We didn’t expect you to turn up.”

“And actually,” says ghost number three, Pinkey, “We’ve got something to say…”

The End

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