Chapter Three

Jon secured the straps of the seat in the vehicle he was currently riding in - some sort of hyper-fast limousine. He looked straight ahead and awaited orders on his built-in headset. He knew nothing - not where he was going, not what his orders would be, not a single detail.

Soon, he heard a faint crackle on his headset, and then a voice began speaking.

"Hello, Jonathan," a smooth voice said. A male voice which sounded like its owner was probably in his early twenties. "My name is James Wright. I'm supposed to be your new support operative. That means I'll be feeding you tactical information via the fancy new upgrades you've received."

"Can't I do that for myself?" Jon questioned. "Isn't that what all of this stuff is for?"

"Well, not exactly. See, my job is to send critical data to your new retinal display for you, so you don't have to do that hard work yourself during a critical moment."

"I see," Jon said. "Go on."

"I'll also be giving you your orders the majority of the time. At least, I'll be giving you as much information as I have. Stupid thing is headquarters couldn't even give me clearance for all of the stuff you'll be doing. I'll only ever have a general idea, at least for the foreseeable future."

That's reassuring, Jon thought before replying, "You're right. That is a stupid way to run things." Actually, Jon was intrigued. This sounded strange, and he wanted to know what was going on.

"I'll now turn you over to one of my superiors, so he can give you the full details of your next mission," James said. "I'll have to step out of the comms room for a few moments."

There was a momentary silence before the set crackled again and a new voice, full of authority, said, "Hello, Jon. I'm here to give you the information on your next assignment. You must not discuss any of what I'm about to tell you with anyone else, as it is extremely sensitive information.

"A few years ago, our biological research branch began developing biotech suitable for designing the perfect war machine, which, ironically enough, started with man himself. As the research progressed, the hope for the project grew greater and greater. Eventually, the research began on a cloned child, produced purely for this research experiment. The program began by enhancing the clone's health, as he would have otherwise died. Then, other parts of his biology were engineered to be different from the norm. We wound up with a living weapon.

"Unfortunately, the project began to be prohibitively more expensive than we could have ever imagined. The bio branch began to shut down, and eventually the project was scheduled for cancellation.

"However, before we got as far as actually cancelling the project and shutting down the biological branch, the subject began to get restless. A few weeks ago, he escaped, and has been on the loose ever since. Your main objective is to find this thing utilizing any means necessary. Before you begin your search, though, you must do one thing."

"What's that?" Jon asked, genuinely interested now.

"We need you to destroy one of the biological labs. By force. It can not be allowed to continue operating."

"Why destroy it?"

"Don't question orders, just do as you're told and you'll be fine."

Jon didn't like the way this sounded.

The End

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