Chapter Two

"This is a scientific breakthrough, doctor! Nothing like this has ever been achieved by man before!"

He was completely enveloped in liquid. Wires wrapped around his skull, some of them attached deep in his flesh. Cords and metals were plunged into his hands, and he could feel occasional surges of electricity -- 10,000 volts of stinging energy that sent spasmodic muscle movements down his body. The liquid felt cool at times, hot at others, but the change in temperature never bothered him. He felt many feelings, but none were that of pain or annoyance. He was completely invulnerable . . . or so it seemed.

He did not have any sense of time, so he had no way of knowing how long he had been in this place. The longer he dwelled there, however, the more aware he became of his surroundings, and the more fearful he became. The loud crunching sounds of machinery were high-pitched and monotonous, so much so that the feeling of annoyance finally pricked his thoughts. He flexed a muscle, and at that moment felt ten wires rip from his flesh. A sudden sharp feeling coiled around his arm, startling him. It was the first time he felt pain. The feeling did not please him in the slightest. He opened his mouth and screamed, and tried to get away from the feeling, but it only multiplied as more cords and wires ripped from his body.

"Professor!! COME QUICK!"

The voices seemed distant . . . just like answers. He was beginning to wonder where he was, when suddenly, a knot in his stomach twisted, sending a sudden shock through his body. His head shot up.

And the last thing he remembered was a cold, strange darkness surrounding him. A vigorous, violent urge that grabbed at him, and the inhuman feeling it wrought.


"Come on, Lis, it's almost past curfew! We gotta go now!"

There was pressure on his right shoulder.

He shot up his hand and grabbed a neck. He felt the muscles in his arm tense as he squeezed and allowed his eyes to open. He was holding a woman, a woman who was no longer getting oxygen. Her face was turning blue, and her veins were popping out of her neck.

"Get your hands off of her!"

Someone from outside his field of view grabbed the woman and tried to pull her away from his hand, but to no avail. Instinctively, he kicked out his right leg. It made contact, and the next sound he heard was a body hitting the concrete. His hold on the woman's neck relaxed, and she collapsed unconscious into his arms.

He sat up and pushed her off of him. His eyes panned across the area.

The night stars twinkled in the sky, and the moon sat on the breast of the horizon. It was quiet, cool, calm . . .

Until the soldiers showed up.

The End

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