A Spectre in Disguise

"Jared!" Tina cried across the street. He stood motionless in the middle of the road outside her house, he did not react to her call.

She ran to him, calling his name again. "Are you okay?" His face was dark, a silhouette in the dull glow of the street light. Again he didn't answer.

"Talk to me." She said, a soothing sincerity in her voice. Something was odd about him, she could feel it. She knew about the fire, she was the first person he called so it was expected that he would be jaded in demeanor. No the strange, otherworldly feeling that emnated from him ran far deeper. She shivered in his very presence, a cold chill danced across her shoulders and tingled her spine.

"Tina?" He whispered finally, his face was stiff. Like it had been glued in place. She took a step back and ushered him into the light, he did not follow.

"What's going on Jared?" She asked helplessly. She felt threatened, like she was being watched by some unseen thing. Hiding, cocooned in shadow.

"It's okay Tina." He said quietly. Something was very wrong, she couldn't figure it out. There was something ethreal about him. Artificial in form and aspect. She shivered again.

"Come." With slow, stiff movements Jared raised his arms, stretched them wide to recieve her petite frame in an embrace. She stepped back again, had he gone mad?

Suddenly a shard of silver tore through Jared's chest and twisted. His body went rigid with tension and he dropped to his knees, jerking and twisting. As he fell forward his face was illuminated. It was not Jared's at all, but a hideous, twisted visage riddled with scars that run red like rocky fissures filled with magma. Tina shreiked with surprise and fell backwards, watching the thing as it twitched with pain.

With an agonised, otherworldly howl the things body shattered like glass. Collapsing into pieces and catching fire. Then they dissapeared.

It was a demon, a servant of the shadows, Jared would later explain. He lifted the shreiking, terrified form of Tina from the floor. He whispered to her softly.

"We're in great danger. We have to leave."

She refused him at first, preffering to stay where she was. Shaking with fear, her head throbbing, her mind racing in confusion. What the hell was going on?

She chanced a look at her saviour, it appeared to be Jared. He ran the creature through with his sword, he saved her. What if it was a trick? What if it was another one of those creatures. Catching his eye she noted the ice blue of his iris'. Cold and deep, as if they concealed thoughts unimaginable. They had intriuged her from the moment they met and she recognised them instantly. Finally sure in the knowledge that this was the real Jared, she agreed to leave

The End

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