A Pumpkin Orange Secret

About a female artist who's trying to find her meaning in life and why bad things seem to happen to good people. On her journey through art and the great creative strengths of the human mind she finds that while there are joys in life there are dangers as well. With intentions to find a steady balance there is always conflict.

It always seems that we lose friends when we are in a time that is most in need of their help. I don't think I ever realized when I first started losing my circle of friends that that circle would become a triangle, then a consciousness dot, and then, nothingness. I didn't realize just how lonely we are in this life. That in reality- there is no one there but ourselves in the beginning, and so it will be- in the end.

Completely, and utterly, alone.


When you're born sure, you have a mother, but you don't have any idea what that relationship has yet to evolve into. Will she become an appendage, in the literary sort of idea of evolution, or will she become your organs so to speak. Growing inside you, growing to become what you need to survive and perhaps even, to live.

This is a dramatic event in life because it is the first that represents life. Whether it works out or not- whether this mother of yours becomes what you hope for- is not up to you, but up to someone else.

Who is that someone else? It's a question we've been wondering and asking as humans for ages that's never got one answer.

However, in this, I'll try to give you my answer or let you find our own to this question and to the realization that all good things must come to an end, but- that doesn't mean all things must end. Just the good. Think about that before you begin this story I have...

Thank you.

The End

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