A Protagonize Challenge Completed


   Lit pushed open the doors to the café, disheartened and a bit worried. What if Lez insists his are better? She thought. Can I stand up for my works? Are my works worth standing up for? 

   I feel like a leaf blowing on the autumn wind,










      And lonely. I've lived and tried, and did I succede?

 I know not the answer, and I'm not sure I ever want to.

      She looked around the establishment, staring in disinterest at the other patrons texting away on their phones or talking happily with a friend. She shuffled her way towards the registers. Just two weeks ago, Lez and her were just like those people. Just happy to make small talk. She sighed. The way time passes, she thought.

       Lit stepped up to the registers, and told the employee her order of a lightly creamed latte weakly. She stared longingly towards the wall, What could I have changed? What could have made my prose better? Lit snapped out of it in time to place a five pound note on the employee's expectant hand. 

       She didn't wait for the latte. Lit pulled out her notebook from her coat pocket and undid the buckle on the front. She slowly walked over to a table and sat down as she opened it. Lit flipped through two years worth of her emotions, two years of hardship, two years of work, two years of feeling. She softly rubbed the page with the back of her hand. This is me...

          A loud explosion rocked the whole store, and everyone gasped and looked up. Lit slammed her book shut and covered her head with her hands, sudden panic filling her.

     She heard several screams and screeching chairs as people darted up in confusion and fear.

          Another explosion shook through the earth, and someone smashed through the window closest to TheLiteraryGeek. Lit let out a small welp as the intruder somersaulted across the floor, and staggered up, breathing heavily.

     "LesovikkDroa?" She asked once she found her voice.

          Lez quickly glanced and turned around looking for the source of the question, disoriented, and turned to face Lit. 

     "-Lit! Lit! Lit, you have to call off the challenge!" He ran up to her.

          "-What? Why? What's going on?" She tried yelling over the patrons panicked wails.

   He grabbed her shoulders like an insane scientist. "Lit, you just have to believe me, I can't live without the action! I can't put my feelings on paper! I had to %@!#ing remove one of my poems, for %@!#'s sake!"

          "Lez, calm down! Remember that we haven't marked this story as mature-"

     "-And that's another thing!" He pushed himself away from her. "-I can't swear! I've had to bleep out a cuss in almost every page! This is hopeless!" 


      He threw his hands in the air. "-So we all know who won, right?"

           Lit twisted her lip. "... I think so..."

       "-You did."

       "-You did."

     They stared at each other for a second in confusion.

        "-No, you won."

        "-No, you won."

        "-I lost."

        "-I lost."

        "-You won, alright?"

        "-You won, alright?"



   They rolled their eyes and faced away from each other for a minute. There was a bit of awkward silence. Lez tapped his foot, looking away from Lit. Lit bit her lip, and diverted her gaze from Lez.

      "... We can't figure out who won..." Lez said finally.

         "... You know what this means, right?" Lit responded.

      "... Yeah, it means-"

              "-Neither of us wins."

              "-Neither of us wins."

    Lez rolled his eyes again in frustration. There was another awkward silence, with no eye-contact once more.

         Lit pulled her book back out and whiped some debris off of it. She looked at it for a second, then held it close to herself. Lez looked over, raising an eyebrow.

     "... You know, Lez..." Lit said, breaking the silence. "... I don't really do action prose very well... And... I think I'm ok with that..."

         "... What do you mean by that?" Lez asked, his eyebrow perking up a bit more.

      "... What I mean..." Lit closed her eyes. "... Is that I can't write quality action stories. It's not true to myself. It's not..." She opened her eyes. "... Me."

          Lez opened his mouth to respond, and closed it again, instead turning around and hopping on a nearby table. 

     "-I know what you mean- I can't let my emotions shackle me! I'm an action writer, not a poet!" He yelled triumphantly from the tabletop to a now burning and vacant café.

   "-I am LesovikkDroa, and I write my stuff!"

             Lit smiled, looking up at Lez making a small fool of himself. Lez streched out an arm to pull her up, and Lit waved it away. He rolled his eyes, and grabbed her arm anyway, pulling her up ontop of the table with him. Lit rocked a bit to regain her balance, and gave Lez a nasty look. He smiled and held his arms out to the open. She shook her head, but joined in anyway.

          "... I'm TheLiteraryGeek, and I write my stuff!"



       A few seconds later, a burning beam fell in front of their face, crashing to the ground in a flurry of embers.

          "... Well, now look what you did..." TheLiteraryGeek shook her head. "-You had to make a big entrance..."

      "Did you ever pick up your five dollar coffee?" Lez responded. "-Yeah, didn't think so, we're not all perfect, tsk..."

           "Well, at least I didn't burn the whole café down... Men..." 

     "-What was that?!"

           Another beam fell behind them. they stood there for a moment, unmoving.

        "... We should get out of here."




The End

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