Chapter (what is it, 5?)

Dusty nibbled on the delicious raisin-blackcurrant-oatmeal-chocolate-honey cookies, as he listened to the doctor's story. Next to him, Tracer looked disgruntled and put down.

"That" the doctor said, "Is a corner from a letter I wrote to my love, also an electrician. I wanted to post it, but before I could my dog, Internet Explorer, tore it up! One of the pieces must have flew off and landed on your face."

" clearly talked about a lady named Emily in Cameroon, and she was asking for help!" Tracer stammered. "No, it wasn't. I was asking my boy to help me fix my camera.Not Cameroon. Then I asked him to email me about when he would come. I misspelled 'email' to make it 'emil', I never said I was a good speller." said the doctor, with a wry smile. Tracer glared at her for a little while, before bursting into tears.


Many raisin-blackcurrant-oatmeal-chocolate-honey cookies later, Tracer and Dusty were out of the house and walking down the road. "We never got to go to Cameroon to save that damsel in distress", Tracer sniffled. Duster put his arm around her shoulder. "Perhaps, but it was fun nevertheless. We had a wonderful adventure at the airport, your leg got decorated like a Christmas tree with bandages, and I got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore a fat lady's bottom. Never mind, we'll find another damsel in distress!" And laughing heartily, both of them went on home and had awesome bubble baths.


Lit sighed and put down her pen, tired and weary. "Writing a story is harder than I thought!". She had worked so hard on this, yet....she knew that her attempt was less that satisfactory. Her story had no real plotline, no real action, just lots of jerky sentences and lame jokes. She put on her coat and began walking to the cafe. "I have tried my best on this, and I know that I was spewing big words at the beginning of the challenge, but I think that the declaration  winner of this is going to leave me less than happy....."

The End

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