Chapter 4

Tracer woke to flashing lights and beeping machines, and was hysterical. "I've got AIDS! Oh my goodness, my life is ruined!" Just then, a nurse said with a grave face, " No ma'am, I'm afraid it's even worse. You've got a wound on your leg!", and the whole lot burst into a flood of tears. Just then, Dusty entered and said, " I'm so sorry Tracer. Just for my mistakes, you've got this terrible, life-threatening condition. I promise, next time we need to go to Cameroon, we'll go by private helicopter! That is, if we go anywhere together anymore....."

Tracer gave a weak smile and said, " That's all right, Dusty. I forgive you. And when I'm gone, please don't hesitate to use up all my free pizza coupons" " Oh Tracer", Dusty sobbed. "You would do that for me?" " It's the least I could do for you, my friend", Tracer said, tearing up. "Also, I have something to confess to you....." "What is it?" and Dusty leaned in close to Tracer. 

"All right, clear out, everyone. I'm going to patch Tracer up, and then you can take her home" the docter had come into the room. "You mean....she's not going to die?" The doctor gave Dusty an odd look and said, "Of course not! It's just a small thigh wound." Then she turned around to get some bandages.

Dusty was ecsastic.  "Oh my goodness! You're not going to die, Tracer!" And he started doing the Harlem Shake in Tracer's face. "We can go to Cameroon now!", and took out the note from his back pocket. "See? We're destined to be the heroic saviours of Emily!"

Suddenly, he heard a voice from behind him. "That note is mine!"

The End

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