"My God, It's Full Of Stars..."


Staring into infinity, I wonder,

"Is this some mistake, a blunder?"

The stars of my mind's inside fly by,

As I spiral past, I hear a cry.

"So funny! So hilarious, you see!"

Yes, indeed, I suppose I would agree,

But my ego would tell me otherwise.

I fall, never stopping, not to my demise,

But the mistake makes me wish I had,

For the blunder is not mine to be made,

"You're aiming so low, it can't even hit!

My style is more refined, just a bit!

Utter ridiculousness, I might add!"

Yes, it was a terrible sight to be had.

Crawling up a lady's bum,

Where the @%!# did that come from?

But(t) something tugs me as I plummet,

Something very far from it...


"This pit just lasts forever, doesn't it?"


And for the love of Pete,

I can't be discreet!

Just quit your whining,

Telling me to stop rhyming!


The End

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