A soft breeze, a rustling through the leaves, sunshine, and not a cloud in the sky.

        A red flower, a field of yellow ones, growing, and time passes on.

    A lone flower, a different flower, living, and struggling to not be choked.

        A hopeless fight, a long trial, fruitless, and too different to survive.

    A wilting plant, -

  *Sees that Lit's page is up*

        A fit of anger, a crushed can, nasty, and a low-blow!

    A fine story, a talented author, ridiculed, and made a laughing stock!

       A dying flower, a revitalized flower, vengeful, and thirsting for flower sap.

    A thousand dead flowers, a lone red one, alive, and free to breathe again.

        A bit bitter? An answer, No. And why do you ask?

The End

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