Lit's Adventure Story- By TheLiteraryGeek

*So here I am, out to prove that writing an action/adventure story is a piece of cake. Here goes! Also- who ever said I can't mock Lesovikk a little in the process? :D*

Chapter 1- The note.

Dusty and Tracer sped down the highway in their awesome red car, although it wasn't clear who was driving. Both of them seemed to be fighting for the wheel, yelling profanities that will not be reproduced here as this story has not been marked 'mature' yet, regrettably- for their words were creative and varied, to say the least. Suddenly, a piece of paper hit Dusty smack on the head, with a "smack"- and Tracer grabbed the wheel with a triumphant yell of triumph.

Grumbling, Dusty pulled the piece of paper of his face- it required a bit of a struggle, for it had gotten stuck in his nose a bit- and proceeded to read it. His eyes widened as he took in all that it said, and then said to Tracer with great urgency- "We have to go to Cameroon!"

"Why so?"

Dusty showed her the note, which appeared to be a tiny piece from a larger sheet of paper, perhaps a torn corner-

Help m

"It's a damsel in distress from Cameroon! We've got to go! I think her name is could you stand not helping Emily out? Tracer, book the flight tickets now!"

Tracer looked at the note long and hard before declaring grandly, "We'll leave as soon as possible! For we are the Heroic Two! And we save damsels in distress- yes we do!"

The End

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