The Cafe - Written by LesovikkDroa

A collaborative work between LesovikkDroa and TheLiteraryGeek, or rather, an Uncollaborative work...


    "... And then I said, 'about time you came around!' ..." LesovikkDroa said, taking a sip from his mug of creamed coffee. TheLiteraryGeek smiled and chuckled a bit. She had asked Lesovikk to join her for coffee at the local internet cafe, to talk about working on a collab, but the aroma of fresh, roasted coffee beans and the sounds of socializing overwhelmed them, and the conversation desolved into idle chatting.

    "... And what did he say?" She asked.

       Lesovikk turned and set his ceramic mug down. "'Well, better late than never!'" He laughed as he recalled the rest of the story. He found his breath, and remembered why they were in the fancy coffee shop in the first place. He looked up at TheLiteraryGeek. "-Y' know, Lit, people are going to get upset that we still haven't started our collab yet."

    She traced her finger around the rim of her half-empty mug. "... I know, but I can't think of anything... I don't really do prose, Lez."

           Lesovikk stopped the young waitress as she raced by, and asked her to top-up their drinks. He got back to the topic at hand. "-Well, not everybody can do it... Those that can't just end up writing reflective pieces."

    Lit paused, and looked up. "... Hmm?"

          Lez leaned back. "I said writing prose is hard, not everyone can do it. People who can't write a good story just write poetry-"

     Lit sat up straight, offended slightly. "-Oh, so a piece of poetry isn't a good story?..." She asked softly. 

         Lez waved his hands in front of himself. "No, no, no... What I meant to say, was that anybody could write decent poetry... Writing a riviting novel is hard."

    TheLiteraryGeek twisted her lip. "Indeed, writing an action/adventure story is soooooo hard... Just throw in a villian and some guns." She scoffed and looked away. "... Men..."

         LesovikkDroa nearly spilled his drink. "-'Just a villian and some guns'? Sister, have you ever read a good adventure book? There's so much more going on in each of them..." He gestured to his right. "-Intrigue!" He gestured to his left. "-Mystery!" He spread his arms out. "-A story Hollywood can't come close to making..."

     Lit sweeped her hair from her eyes. "As I said: Men..." She pulled a small notebook from her pocket. "-Do you know what's in here?" she shook it gently, and didn't wait for an answer. "-This is a container for all of my emotions, all of my happiness, all of my sorrow... My whole life is written down here. This is me..." She held it close to herself. "-And what do your stories have? Nothing but adrenaline and sweat... Simple."

      Lez slammed his mug down on the table with a loud 'Thwump'. All of the eyes in the cafe turned to look.

         "... You take that back."

    Lit turned her head. "-No."

      She set her pocket sized notebook calmly on the table. "If writing decent poetry is so easy, I propose we prove that..."

          Lez raised an eyebrow. "Go on..."

      Lit smirked. "... I propose... A challenge..."

The End

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