All The King Horses & All The King's Men...Mature

A middle aged man that is washed up and lives with his elderly mother will have to finally put away the blame game, bind the wounds of his family ties and sort through the 9/11 of his life and find a way to live it before it is time to face his demons that has pursued him all his days one last time.

In the Big Apple and within Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn a 36 year old African American man named Sam will have to face a broken promise and face the reality of a choice.

On Putnam between Marcus Garvey & Lewis in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn the light of a new day shines into a one bedroom brownstone with hard wood floors. The sun peers in through the living room and touches a futon and a fake decorative fireplace. The light continues to spread and a small kitchen without a stove, or oven reveals the close quarter combat of this occupant. The light reaches across the hardwood floor and straight back passing up a small book case on the left and onward through an open door into Sams room.

With a mess of papers around his queen sized blow up mattress and a laptop on one side of him, electronic tablet on the other and a to do list of sticky notes sporadically placed on his forehead and all along the length of his outstretched arm and the furious Dr. Frankenstein scribbles of notes on various pads of papers, which are next to him and at his feetthis is Sams idea of living the dream. Finally Sam feels he has broken the bonds of a late bloomers life that furiously haunted him all his life in Indianapolis Indiana.

Sam stirs restlessly in his bed while incoherent images of memory lane bleed into his mind. Sam remembers the days of watching his mother struggle and scratch the bottom of the barrel to get by.

He remembers blaming some of his Christian millionaire siblings that would rather take care of strangers and the people they use as replacements for the family members that didn't fit into their mold. He remembers all the years he was rotten to the core. He remembers all the things he put other people through. He remembers his oldest brother and sister trying to fix him and being wrote off by them. He remembers all the shit he took from his in laws just to try and belong with his family. He remembers feeling like that maybe he deserved to be treated the way that he allowed himself to be treated by them. Now there was nothing.

There was only one all-consuming goal. Sam also had to arrive at the fact that he was the one still living with her. He was the one that didn't know how to do anything. He was the one that lived on her worn shoulders. He used to think the reason that his siblings would not help their mother because he lived there, but even when he wasn't they still didn't help her. So Sam had to face the reality that he was just as lousy of a child as his siblings. Despite what he put her through all his life and half of hers he could never pay her back. So it's left up to him. Sam had to find a way to get his mother off of the drug infested street she lived on with dis respectful neighbors and all the usual suspects that color life with the mundane, the predictable and the miserable.

The End

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