Sarah pulled her books up to her chest and rose from her desk at the back of the room.  Next up, English class. She sighed as Karen trotted after her, rambling about the required reading.

"Did you finish the second act in Macbeth yet? I don't know about you, but I find the whole thing bo-ringg!"  But Sarah was not listening as she kept her eyes trained on the new boy. He swept out of his chair and out into the crowded hallway. Sarah quickened her pace to maintain a reasonable distance between herself and his back.

She couldn't be sure why this boy piqued her curiosity.  Perhaps it was the element of new-ness in an otherwise mundane existence. Then again, perhaps it was something else entirely.

The boy slowed a little; Sarah could see his broad shoulders hunch a little as he peered down at what she presumed was a very poorly detailed map of the school. She slowed down also.

"What are you doing?" Karen asked, turning around to peer back at Sarah.

"I, uh, left my copy of Macbeth in my locker.  Tell Mrs. Kearley I'll be there in a minute."

Karen shrugged her shoulders and moved on down the hallway towards their next class.

Sarah took another uneasy step towards him.  Just then, he straightened up, looked left, then right.  Sarah, somewhat startled, stepped back once again.  The other students began to file into their respective classrooms, leaving her looking silly and lost.

He finally took two long strides and then disappeared into the closest classroom.

Sarah released a long breath she hadn't realized she had been holding. Her heart was beating a little too quickly for her lack of motion. 

She grimaced at herself, without knowing why, and picked up her pace so Mrs. Kearley wouldn't send her for a late slip.

The End

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