A Promise is Forever

He promised he wouldn't tell another soul; she promised she'd love him forever. Promises can't always be kept.


He promised he wouldn’t tell another soul; she promised to love him forever.

Promises can’t always be kept.

Now she sat, scared and alone, inside the cab of her father’s pick up.  The engine roared to life as her fingers stumbled over the keys in the ignition, turning them with a shaky hand.

The night was calm and listless; the tall yellow grass swayed methodically in the late summer breeze, but Sarah’s heart beat wildly inside her heaving chest.  She pushed a strand of her long brunette hair from her face -- drenched in sweat now from the pumping adrenaline -­­­- and grasped the steering wheel tightly.  She pulled away from the still lit house, the gravel of the driveway crunching loudly beneath the truck’s tires.  Raising her eyes, she quickly stole a glance from the rear-view mirror; she could see Jacob standing on the old porch, eerily silhouetted in the light of the open door.



Sarah ambled into her physics class and dropped lazily into her seat at the back of the room. Other students drifted to their seats as well, trying to bide their time before class inevitably began.

“Hey.” Karen plunked into the seat beside Sarah, tossing her bag beneath the desk.

Sarah responded with a dull ‘hi’.  She didn’t consider Karen a friend.  She didn’t even really like her; she played the role to keep the illusion going, as she always had. There were not many students in the school to begin with.  Finding a decent person to be friends with, really friends, was difficult, if not impossible.  Sarah kept a friendly face, said hello to her peers in the hallway, went to a movie with them now and then, but they were not her friends.  She maintained the act. It was easier that way; at least her mother wouldn’t be worried.

Mr. Woodman stalked into class, a pile of books beneath his arm, and offered a booming ‘Good afternoon’ to the languid students. Sarah rested her chin on her arms, preparing for the boredom of the coming hour, but just as Woodman was about to shut the door behind him, a hand shot out from the hallway and stopped the swinging door abruptly.

Sarah raised her head as the boy walked into the classroom. With quick eyes, she took in the newcomer as completely as she could before he sat down. He took up a seat in the front of the room but Sarah had already got a good glimpse of his tousled hair and mischievous eyes. Karen whispered something in her direction.  She ignored her. Smiling inwardly, she folded her arms and leaned back against the wall easily.

The End

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