The Den

Sam looked around happily at his new home. He stretched out calmly and went over to sit on his long, leather, brown couch.  "Sam." he looked up as his sister walked in. "Please tell me you bought all this." she told me sternly sounding so much like our mother that I had to turn away and blink tears out my eyes. Once I had composed my self, I turned to look at her.  "yes." I said allowed to her. "most of it." I then said quietly to my self.  "I heard that." she said. Her green eyes narrowing.  "well I can't pay for it now as the guy is in my dungeons. Have you seen them?" I then defended myself.  "Dungeons? Why are you? A monster?" she screamed at me. I winced and tried to look her in the eyes.  "they have a bed and tv" I said quietly breaking my gaze away.  "and what about when... If you find Dylan? Will he get a bed and tv? Will he live that long?" she asked me.  My thoughts turned towards the large,empty, cell I have in place for him.  "no. He will be alive. If he is good he will get a tv and bed." Sam said shortly.  She sighed and then turned to leave. At the door, she turned back again and looked at me.  "Mum would be so disappointed" she told me before storming out the room.  I stared after her thinking about how Dylan had killed mum by losing control of his powers. I was convinces mum would be proud for seeking revenge for her.  "where are you right now, brother? What are you doing?" I said slowed to the empty room.  I walked over and turned my tv on only to turn it off again. Dylans face was grinning out of it at me. I screamed in fury that he gets all the publicity and threw the remote at the tv. The resounding clatter echoed around the room somehow not comforting me.  "Dylan has found himself a mate!" Gabrielle said coming back in the room.  "what? Who?" I asked distantly, staring at the tv screen.  "Terra Fair." She said as she walked over and went out through the back door. "What?" I asked about five minutes later. In my mind an image of Terra Fair the healer. Tall with straight blonde hair and turquoise eyes. He remembered how he had dated her. He had kissed her. "He stole my girl friend" I spoke aloud to the empty house. "I am going to kill him." I screamed before walking through to the back room to make plans.
The End

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