A promise is a promise.

Sam has been intent on revenge ever since he was 6 years old and now he has found a way to seriously harm his brother. Only one thing is stopping him. In order to hurt his brother is to hurt the woman he love. The problem is Sam loves her to...

"Sam?" I turned around as my older brother said my name. 

"Yes Dylan?" I said back looking up at his soft brown eyes. 

"Can I ask you something?" he asked me quietly, sounding nervous, this automatically made me nervous as he is always so strong. <\p>

"You just did," I joked. 

"What would you do if father was dead?" he asked me. I took a step back at the stupidity of the question. 

"What do you think I would do? I would be really sad." I told Jim not really understanding his question, "Why?"

"Because he is dead." Dylan told me. 

"what? No he isn't. We would both have his powers if he was dead. He promised we would." I said automatically 

"you don't have them?" he stated. Not meaning it as a question. 

"what do you mean? I don't have what?" I asked him nervously. 

"I have dads powers. Don't you?" he asked so quietly I had to strain to hear him.

"no. Well... I don't feel any different." I told him. "how do you know if you do?" I added in excitedly. 

"well you feel a tingle in your body and then if you click your fingers..." he demonstrated for me and a flicker of fire appeared above his hand. 

"wow!" I said, impresses. I then tried.  I clicked my fingers as dad had taught me. Nothing happened. 

"oh..." Dylan said before running off. 

I tried again and again. Each time nothing happened my heart got a stone heavier.  Eventually I had to give up. Dad had not given me a share of his powers as he had promised. 

I slowly walked out of the sitting room, went up the stairs and along the hallway, and entered my room. 

Lying on my bed, I hid my hard in my pillows and wept tears of sorrow and anger.  My small heart was broken... Dad had gone back on his promise. In my head, I swore I would find a way to punish him. Even if it meant hurting my brother.

The End

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