A Procrastinator's Memoir

A blurb about Procrastination. I'm sure you'll put off reading it, but when you finally get around to it, I hope you'll enjoy it. :)
Inspired by a dear friend's Facebook post, and a strong desire to do anything but the homework I desperately need to finish.
Disclaimer: Based on real events

This was supposed to be a story I've been thinking about writing for a very long time now.  But instead, it's the story of my life.

 I've brainstormed, plotted, and schemed this story out to perfection. But every time I think about sitting down to start it, I think to myself, "Well, no... I've got other things I should be doing.  I'll start it when I'm done with those." 

And I sit down to tend to my other responsibilities, to care and nurture my grades into the shining A's they ought to be.  

I rest my fingers on the keys, ready to begin that project that is worth a troubling portion of my grade, when I notice how empty the top of my screen is--where I normally have an array of tabs open to a variety of different locations throughout the Cybernetic Spacedom.  

The Internet, it's called.  A digital world of coded magic and mischief, adventures awaiting anyone brave enough to move their mouse an inch, and click.  That's all it takes.  

It's praised as mankind's greatest achievement since we walked on the moon, and penicillin--even since sliced bread.  The Internet is Opportunity, they say.  But I see it for what it is.

A trap baited with adorable kittens, Netflix, and great music, even porn.  It represents URL after URL of infinite distraction: a Procrastinator's worst nightmare.

Even now, as I should be finishing the essay that was due an hour ago, I am here, sharing the struggles I face every day.

I tell myself that one tab open to Youtube and an incredible playlist won't hurt anything.  But my grades will speak for themselves.  

My lifelong battle with Procrastination, made more difficult with every newly designed webpage and fancy URL, is a battle I'm afraid I cannot win.  I accept my fate.

The Internet has ruined my life.


The End

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