A tale of bravery courage discover fear, and adventure. A young man an unlikely hero finds himself thrown into the world of gaurdians an ancient force that stands between humanity and the ancient shadows the stalk the world. As he learns the ropes of being a gaurdian he finds his sudden change in lifestyle connected to the destruction of his hometown and family he presses further to uncover the truth.

Tainia a world once dominated by fierce shadows was conquered by humanity just as history began to be recorded.  Humans at the time were weak and measly but managed to learn of an inner power that could push the shadows back, and force them down, even conquering them. They called this power Light and taught those with the greatest amounts of light how to wield it against the shadows. After year of war and bloodshed the Shadows relinquished their grip on the word of Tania allow humans to bare a greater foothold yielding great civilizations. Each lasting civilization taught trained, and harbored a force known as the guardians. These guardians wielded the light against these shadows whenever needed but some of them were tempted by the interests of the people and their power was turned upon other humans. This in turn affected the power of light weakening it or corrupting it. The shadows sensed the change and mounted a great attack separating the human civilizations, some humans pledging allegiance to the darkness while factions, and rebels banded together resisting the shadows. More years of war pursued but the light did not get stronger its flame slowly shimmering out of existence.


The current year is 2032

The last of the free humans have built a massive metal wall with constant patrols of guardians. By no means is their territory small, but the struggle seems to be coming to a close the strength of the resistance is waning, the war has been going on for 30 years with brief years of no conflict and longer times of constant conflict.  Paranoia has gripped the government, and the people who aren't guardians attempt to live life normally the best they can waiting for the next invasion.


The End

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