How To (2)Mature

HOW TO #2: Levitation and Flying

You just think lovely, wonderful thoughts, and they lift you up in the air!

Of course, levitation isn’t quite that simple, even with pixie dust. This is a skill that, if done improperly, may cause serious injury and even death, so we recommend that you have your sire or some other experienced vampire to spot you as you practice the mechanics of levitation.

The key to levitation is creating buoyancy. It’s a combination of making yourself less dense, while making the air around you denser. It takes a bit of concentration, but the thicker you make the air around you, the more buoyant you become and the faster you’ll shoot skyward, so some practice is recommended so that you don’t find yourself slamming into buildings or trees or 747’s (it’s not often publicized, but getting sucked into a jet intake will kill you just as easily as a high dose of UV rays).

You know, looking back on this description, maybe it is as simple as thinking lovely, wonderful thoughts….

The End

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