Myths and Misconceptions (6)Mature

MYTH #6: Vampires Cast No Reflections Nor Shadows

This is presumably because vampires have no soul, a notion that Arthur finds particularly offensive. To entertain such an idea, in Arthur’s opinion, is akin to making the assumption that Jews wear yarmulkes, kippahs, or other head coverings to hide their horns.

Whether or not you believe in the existence of the soul, pursuing this myth logically reveals its obvious flaw. Any physical object of substantial size will produce a reflection in a mirror and will cast a shadow if a light source is shown upon them. A tea kettle will do it. A Ford Focus will do it. And a vampire will do it as well.

The origin of this myth is unfortunately untraceable, but we speculate that it was originally told to human children to specifically engender in them a predisposed hate and fear of the vampire.

The End

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