Myths and Misconceptions (5)Mature

MYTH #5: Vampires Find Garlic Offensive

We, the authors, have some disagreement over this one, so in the interest of remaining objective we each have decided to describe the other’s opinion on the subject.

Arthur does in fact dislike the smell and taste of garlic. He finds the lingering sweet/savory combination to be against his liking. In fact, not only does Arthur deplore garlic so much as to avoid it, but he also keeps a Pocket Pak of Listerine Cool Mint Strips handy in case one of his human hosts has had a healthy portion of Texas Toast and has absorbed the garlic butter into his or her bloodstream by the time Arthur feeds.

Celeste, having grown up in Tuscany and having been raised on Italian cuisine, finds garlic to be most pleasant. Although Celeste no longer eats to live, she still lives to eat. One recipe she loves to prepare and serve at her feeding parties is slow roasted garlic with crackers. She finds the flavor and the irony too delicious to resist.

The End

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