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Over the last several centuries, the public perception of vampires has been colored by their depictions in the media, most famously by Bram Stoker, and later joined by Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Joss Whedon. Some of these depictions are rooted in fact, some have arisen through folkloric tradition, and still others are complete fabrications of the authors’ own design. This section aims to dispel the many myths and misconceptions of being a vampire.

MYTH #1: Most Vampires are Devil Worshippers, Goths, or Sexual Deviants

This is the single most widespread misconception about vampires out there. While these individuals exist, they are a minority in the vampire population. Unfortunately, they are also the most visible members of the vampire community, which tends to perpetuate the stereotype.

Add to that the fact that many Satanist groups, Gothic subcultures, and others have hijacked the vampire image for their own, which only furthers this negative depiction of the vampire.

The fact is you still are who you were before you became a vampire. You believe what you believe. You do what you want to do. You sleep with whomever you want to. And you wear what you want to wear. The only difference is that you now consume blood as well.

To illustrate this, we only need to see the case of Melanie K., age 34 (2 years as a vampire). She drives her kids to soccer practice, is active in Church (more on this later), and ends each day with two pints of Type O negative before settling to bed with her husband (a lawyer, a whole different type of bloodsucker). The only black she has in her wardrobe is the cocktail dress she wore to his office Christmas party.

The point of this is that we may be vampires, but we are still individuals.

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