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Celeste Bellini has studied psychiatry under Sigmund Freud at the University of Vienna, receiving her MD in 1904. She had been conducting a successful private clinical practice for seven years in what was then a heavily male dominated field, when she was sired as a vampire. She then turned to independent research on the psychology of the vampire. She emigrated to the United States in 1937 and now resides in Manhattan. This is her third book, after Mens Nosferatu and Sires and Fledglings.

At the age of 19, Arthur Eisenstein turned to vampirism to “protest the war in Viet Nam.” It didn’t keep him out of the military, but it did keep him from “getting killed.” Returning to the U.S., he worked at everything from being a fish tosser to a grave digger to a stand-up comic to a television writer, having worked on shows like MASH , Soap, and Not Necessarily the News. He currently is the executive producer of the reality TV show, The Fang Club, and lives in Englewood, New Jersey. This is his first book.

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